samuel d. brenner

post-doctoral researcher at Brown University

My research uses a combination of in situ measurements and idealized modelling to understand the dynamic and thermodynamic processes linking sea ice and the upper ocean, and how those links impact—and are impacted by—the changing Arctic climate.

about me

I am a postdoc at Brown University, working in the Antipodal Oceanography Group under the supervision of Chris Horvat. I study the interactions of sea ice with the upper ocean as part of the Scale-Aware Sea Ice Project.

I earned my PhD in 2022 from the School of Oceanography and the Applied Physics Lab at the University of Washington under the joint supervision of Luc Rainville and Jim Thomson. Previous to that, I completed a Master’s of Applied Science degree (MASc) in Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia in 2017, where I worked with Bernard Laval.