Samuel D. Brenner


I have an interest in studying dynamic processes in the near-surface region of the Arctic ocean and within inland water bodies. My research considers these processes using an observational approach.

About Me

I am a PhD student studying Oceanography at the University of Washington (UW) under the joint supervision of Luc Rainville and Jim Thomson. I started at UW in 2017 after completing a Master’s of Applied Science degree (MASc) at the University of British Columbia. My master’s degree was awarded by the department of Civil Engineering in the Environmental Fluid Mechanics discipline group, where I worked under the supervision of Bernard Laval and studied standing wave structures in lakes. In May, 2019 I completed the requirements for a Master’s of Science (MS; non-thesis) at UW based on a observational study of submesoscale frontal processes in the western Arctic marginal ice zone.